Testimonials - Some Comments From Our Guests

Hello Feray,


It has now been a couple of weeks since we returned home from Turkey, and we retain a truly warm memory (as well as huge numbers of photos) of the time we spent with your arrangements touring around the entire area. I hope this finds you well and busy with other clients.


I have not had time to work on all the pictures (or even to select the ones I intend to keep); however, I did select the more personal ones, which I am now pleased to share with you. I am sending them in three mails, because I don't know how much gmail in Turkey allows to be attached to one message. Gloria and I both send you our best regards,

Mark and Gloria visited in May 2009 from the United States

Merhaba Feray,

Have been back home in Vancouver, Canada for just over one week now; am slowly getting rested up and used to the time difference (-10 hours from Turkey) again. Already looking forward to my next trip (probably next spring), will stop in Kapadokya first again!


Had a wonderful journey through the South/East & North after we left Goreme, travelling with you through Kayseri, Kahraman Maras (fantastic ice cream !), Gazi Antep, Sanli Urfa & Harran, Adiyaman, Kahta & Mt.Nemrut, Diyarbakir, Batman, Bitlis - Tatvan, Van, and onto Dogubeyazit where we left the tour and carried on with our own arrangements.
Was pretty sick for a while through the South and hottest parts above the Syrian border, also had an eye infection, but gradually got better as we approached the far eastern upland alpine meadows/fields with awesome wild flowers, beautiful clear air and much cooler temperatures. Especially liked the areas around Dogubeyazit & Kars to the Armenian and Iranian borders, including Mt.Ararat (Agri Dagi) .......really fantastic scenery !! and great honey & karpuz !!!

Was really great to see/visit with you again in Kapadokya early last month, and thank you for all your advice and help.

Eric and Edward visited in July 2010 from Canada


Dear Feray,


Thanks so much for your arrangements and impromptu onscreen guiding while we were filming It’s A Woman’s World in Turkey. Your suggestions were perfect and exactly what we were hoping to film in Cappadocia, the delicious Woman’s Collective restaurant...some of the best food we had in Turkey and a great story. The Pottery will be fun as will Camilla’s interactions with you, she had a great time with you.

Please send your postal details and I’ll send you a copy of the episode once it has had the first broadcast in October / November this year.

Julia, Camilla and The Woman's World Crew visited in May 2011 from The United States

Dear Feray,


I cannot tell you how many times I have thought of you and the excellent tour arrangement you provided to our group. I know that everyone appreciated your expertise and friendly ways. I was truly amazed at the things I saw and heard and wish I could remember more. In a way it was like drinking water from a fire hose; there was too much to absorb.
Again . . . thank you for sharing your country with us. We are most appreciative.

Patricia and her group visited in December 2011 from Canada

Hi Feray!

How are you and Ali doing?  I think about the two of you often. How is your family? 
I can still  hear you singing! and also saying " haydi gidelim".


We really miss you and hope that you're doing well. New york city was hit very badly by some of the wind and the storm surge of Sandy; in fact we have a shelter for evacuees from some of the worst hit areas. We're pulling together as a city and a nation - we're very glad Obama won.

How r u, are u being affected by the events in syria.  Your friends in new york love and pray for you delivererce and safety. Gloria may take a group to Tukey this summer for an academic course. I am pretty sure that she will make plans with your agency again.

Hope to see you again and be well!!

Sandra and her group visited in October 2012 from the United States

Hi Feray,


We wanted to tell you that we had a great time and thank you and our driver for everything.  We wish we had more time in Cappadocia.  (I might have taken another bath!)  We miss you and will not forget you and our experiences with your agency.


I’m sending a few photos.  They are in 3 e-mails to keep the file size small.  If you have the opportunity, please share them with our driver.


Take care yourselves and your families.

Lloyd and Roni visited in October 2012 from the United States


Hi, Feray: I want to thank you again for arranging and showing us so many interesting places last week! We will definitely remember our time with you in Cappadocia.


I hope you, your husband, and your family are all well.
Frances and Tom visited in February 2013 from The United States

Dear Ali,
Remember me?  You were my travel consultant and guide in Cappadocia about one month ago.  I just came back home from my Turkey experience with you guys and the overall experience was awesome. I have attached one picture for your enjoyment.  Thank you again for all your services, I had a great time.
Good luck on your job, the army and with your girlfriend!
Best wishes,

Adalberto visited in July 2007 from Costa Rica

Hi Ali and Feray,

We loved meeting you in Cappadocia and the days we spent together and your arrangements in Ephesus and Pamukkale remain a highlight of my visit to Turkey. I do hope we shall stay in touch - do please stay with us if you ever come to the Bay Area - it would be wonderful to see you for an extended time.
Hope you guys had a wonderful time on your honeymoon and are back in Goreme, feeling rejuvenated from the trip away. I have been feeling rather disoriented after getting back, and still have not managed to get back to my normal sleep routine, despite the absence of the call to prayer! however, whenever I do manage to sleep, i've dreamed of Turkey - which has been a wonderful gift and an unexpected extension of the travels!

All the best,

Pia and Alex visited in December 2009 from the United States

Dear Ali,

We are still glowing from our stay in Turkey and our time with you. It has been such a pleasure for me to put together some images for you as it brings back all the good memories.
As promised, we are sending you some pictures! I tried to pick out a mix of images: some useful, a few that are beautiful (if I may be immodest here), and some just for fun. I have a lot more, but I tried to pick out a good selection for you.
I have made the files smaller so that with luck they will attach to email easily and not be rejected by either your email server or mine. Along with this email (which has no attachments), there will be 4 other emails with a total of 30 files when you receive everything. I am sending each email with about 2 MB in the attachment which I hope will work out OK. Let me know if you don't get it all, and I will re-send. If you ever want a bigger file for a particular image, I can send that separately.

We must thank you also for the CD you gave us. It is truly amazing and I only wish you were sitting here next to us to tell us more about what we are hearing. It is A LOT of music!! It will be a little piece of Turkey to have with us always.
We send our best wishes for a Happy New Year full of joy and kindness for you,

Susan and Tom visited in December 2008 from the United States

Hi Ali,

I want to thank you again for your patience with us on emails. We really enjoyed our time in Cappadocia and you helped us to see it and experience the variety and beauty.


We hope to return and will definitely use your services again.
Patricia and Albert visited in November 2008 from The United States

Hi Ali,
I can't thank you enough for the wonderful day we spent in Cappadocia with you as our guide. What a wonderful job you did for us!  just to let you know, Aaron decided that our day together was the best day of our whole vacation because you were there with us to show us all the 'coolest stuff' - and you know how hard it is to impress a young teenager! Your arrangements in Istanbul and Ephesus were all perfect as well.
Please feel free to use me as a reference if you need to.  If any American tourists have questions, or you can give anyone from anywhere my email.   
Good luck with your upcoming marriage - I hope your August dates work out!

Warmest regards,

Bonnie, Ian and Aaron visited in April 2009 from the United States